First Sava student qualifies as a RICS Valuer through the Sava Certificate.

Original Article
July 3rd, 2020


Emma Walker is the first student to qualify with the Sava Certificate in Residential Valuation

Sava is delighted to have their first learner complete the new Certificate in Residential Valuation. Emma Walker completed her studies at the end of June and has now joined the RICS Valuer Registration Scheme.

The certificate is designed for existing RICS members who qualified via a different pathway but now want the knowledge and skills to be able to offer residential valuations. It provides a mix of training and assessment and maps against the requirements of the RICS Valuer Registration Scheme.

We asked Emma what she thought of the qualification and what her plans are:

Why did you decide to undertake the Certificate in Residential Valuation?

“I was already an Associate Member of RICS, and wanted to progress further, but felt like I needed the valuation qualification to enable me to do that. I saw an opportunity in completing mortgage valuations alongside other things but had no-one I could turn to for the training and practical application needed. I wanted to set up my own business, and the only way I could do that was to undertake further training and this qualification met the exact requirements.”

What was your experience of completing the qualification?

“I found the training very thorough and easy to follow. There is a set structure which works very well, and the progression was great.  The early modules are clear to complete and the Sava team were always on hand to answer additional questions. I found talking to others on the webinars helpful and insightful. Once I had completed the modules it was then time to start the assessment procedure. Julie at Sava was always quick to answer my queries, and without someone in my company to rely on, the Sava team were fantastic in helping. My assessor was great; they turned the feedback around quickly and really helped me gain confidence as I went through the programme. I was keen to get through it quickly, as I am due my second baby in October, and Sava really supported me through this.”

How did you find it joining the Valuer Registration Scheme?

“Sava told me what to do and the process was really easy. I rang RICS, who knew about the qualification and they advised on the steps to take. I submitted the form and it was completed within 24 hours. The certificate arrived on my desk and I can now celebrate!”

What are you planning to do now? 

“I am going to set up my own firm of surveyors, regulated by RICS, and carry out residential valuations. I feel confident enough to do this and have already been accepted by one of the panel firms. I cannot wait to get started, and I am hopeful the business will be extremely successful. I will have a short maternity period in October but looking forward to pushing full steam ahead after that! Thanks to Sava I feel confident and more importantly qualified and ready to roll!”

Sava wish Emma the best of luck in her new career path. You can read more about the Certificate in Residential Valuation here: