‘Green’ homes on Rightmove.

Original Article
September 11th, 2023


In this article, Rightmove has taken a closer look at properties with green credentials for sale, from new-builds showcasing the latest eco-friendly tech, to older homes that have boosted their EPC score with eco-friendly improvements.

The new-build development in Walthamstow Village, east London, is of interest. The development company, GS8, describe the project as ‘planet-positive construction’ as the ten new homes are not just carbon neutral but carbon negative, and zero-waste was produced during construction. The brochure on their website states:

“We are going above and beyond in our carbon commitments, surpassing carbon neutrality from both an embodied and an operational carbon perspective.

 In terms of embodied carbon, we have built homes that store more carbon through the natural materials used than the carbon taken to construct the buildings from the remaining man-made materials.

From an operational carbon perspective, the homes will generate all energy through on-site renewables, draw no power from the grid and burn no fossil fuels. This means the buildings are net zero without requiring any offsetting at all.”  
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